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Why engage with Marquee Contracting?


We protect you, it’s that simple.

Due to self-employed status and legislation changes (ITEPA S44 2014) – if you engage directly with a sub-contractor, HMRC could deem this as an Employee/Employer relationship and chase you for unpaid Tax and National Insurance.

To put this into perspective, just a handful of sub-contractors earning £600 a week for a year could set you back:

  • £62 Employers NI per person, £16,120 for the year
  • Penalties, fines and Interest in excess of £4,100
  • Reclassification of your entire workforce
  • You could lose your Gross status and be fined £3,000 per month, £36,000 per year, for each incorrect CIS statement declaration


On top of this, HMRC could also add interest and penalities onto the bill which could run into hundres of thousands of pounds. If one of your sub-contractors believes they should be entitled to employment rights and statutory payments, you could find yourself in the middle of a complex employment tribunal. These costs alone can run into thousands of pounds.

With Marquee Contracting, not only are these risks removed, so is the hassle of running CIS Payroll, HMRC submissions and keeping abreast of ever changing legislation. Engaging with Marquee Contracting leaves you to grow your business without the burden and risk. legislation changes and hefty fines.

Find out the financial risk to your business using our Liability Calculator

These worries and the risk are completely eradicated when you engage with Marquee. The risk stops with us.


Our market leading contracting service combined with our customer service focused approach ensures fast, seamless and hassle free payment processing for contractors.

Our secure systems are integrated to ensure accuracy, speed and full HMRC compliance.

We take compliance seriously.

Our team ensure each and every sub-contractor is vetted, their Right to Work is checked and their UTR is verified with HMRC. Frequent internal audits are conducted to ensure our processes, software and legislative knowledge is compliant and up to date. 

Awarded to Marquee Contracting are the highly respected ISO 9001:2015 and CHAS accreditations. These demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet statutory and regulatory requirements, verify that our processes ensure accurate payments to payees, appropriate deductions are made and accounted for to HMRC and other authorities. 

We don’t just ‘say’ we are compliant. We are, and have the accreditations to prove it!


Client benefits include:

  • Freedom for our clients to engage long lasting relationships with sub-contractors without risk
  • Reduction in your liabilities and administration – we take care of Insurance, Payroll, Remittances, CIS deductions, HMRC returns & employment status. No risk of employment tribunals, employment liabilities or hefty HMRC fines
  • Notification of up the date legislation changes – with the ever changing HMRC legislation you can be assured Marquee will keep you up to date. Our Tax and Employment law specialists are here to advise you.
  • Peace of mind – knowing that your sub-contractors will be paid accurately, on time, every time.
  • Simplicity – one invoice payment to us and we handle the rest.
  • Minimum fuss for registering – we fully register every sub-contractor directly and verify them with the HMRC
  • Flexibility – as standard we can process advance payments, adjustments and late payment request up to 5pm for the same day payment
  • Our online portal helps the sub-contractors retrieve remittances and statements at the touch of a button. No more paper filing needed.

Due Diligence

Here at Marquee Contracting, we are continuously improving our processes and keeping up to date with the ever changing legislation.

We believe that our attention to detail, years of industry knowledge and superb client service sets us aside from our competitors.

We don’t just say we are compliant, we are compliant:

Our compliance processes and procedures stand up to robust external audits and due diligence requirements, we have critically high standards and at Marquee Contracting we only take advice from the best.

Aspire Business Partnership was founded in 2010, the advice they provide us focusses on avoiding financial and reputational risk for us and your business. In an ever-changing complex legislative environment, it is necessary for all businesses to have approachable, trust worthy and knowledgeable advisors with practical experience that can be relied on.

When engaging with Marquee Contracting  you can be assured due diligence is top priority. Interested in working with a market leading contracting company with robust processes? Marquee Contracting is here to help ~ 01992 663 219.


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Find out the financial risk to your business
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The switch to Marquee has been streamlined and is far easier than our previous provider. They are always happy to accommodate urgent requests. Nothing is too much trouble and they have a very professional approach and look forward to our ongoing working relationship with them for many years to come. I would highly recommend their services to any business.

Accounts Manager, Construction Company

We have been working closely with Marquee Contracting since September 2014 and they provide an easy and accurate way of processing sub contractors’ payments. I would recommend their services to anyone who runs or has to deal with regular sub-contractor payments. The experience of using Marquee is also made nicer by the lovely ladies who I am in constant contact with.

Accounts, Construction Company

I have found Marquee to be extremely efficient, very friendly and a pleasure to work with. They are always available by phone and reply to emails in a timely manner. My contractors speak highly of Marquee and as an agency, a happy contractor is what I want.

Recruitment Manager, Recruitment Agency

We have been using Marquee for two years and I can honestly state that the service provided by the team is second to none. As an agency our temp staff varies from week to week, both in numbers and hours worked. Marquee take this all in their stride and I could not imagine a more efficient team to work with.

CEO, Recruitment Agency