Removing the risk of engaging with self employed subcontractors

As a commercial contractor, we sit directly within the contractual chain, removing the hassle and risk from our clients when engaging directly with self-employed sub-contractors and processing CIS payroll.


We pride ourselves with offering our clients and sub-contractors a secure, compliant and professional service removing the risk and burden of engaging with sub-contractors.

If you are looking to engage with a company with robust contracts and CIS payroll management, relieve the time consuming returns and keep you up to date with legislation, then contact us using the below button.

Here at Marquee Contracting, we take compliance very seriously.

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How We Work

Watch our video below that explains how Marquee Contracting works with your business. If you have any questions or want to find out more, contact us on 01992 663 219.


We protect you, it’s that simple. Due to self-employed status and legislation changes (ITEPA S44 2014) – if you engage directly with a sub-contractor, HMRC could deem this as an Employee/Employer relationship and chase you for unpaid Tax and National Insurance.


Our market leading contracting service combined with our customer service focused approach ensures fast, seamless and hassle free payment processing for contractors.

Our secure systems are integrated to ensure accuracy, speed and full HMRC compliance.

Due Diligence

Here at Marquee Contracting, we are continuously improving our processes and keeping up to date with the ever changing legislation.

We believe that our attention to detail, years of industry knowledge and superb client service sets us aside from our competitors.


Risk free subcontracting, safeguarding your business

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We have a range of comprehensive services for all types of operative

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